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We are an artist collective that writes and produces comic books and music. We work with local and international musicians and artists who have singles or albums coming out and turn their band/ concept into a comic book. We bring their story to life! In addition to this we produce our own music and comic book storylines. Our slogan is: "Our Music comes with Issues!"

"Our music comes with issues!" Our mission is to continually output strange and bizarre comic book material, weekly comic strips, and music for those with a thirst for eccentric etiquette. We are a brick and mortar artists collective. We are a free group of misfits and miscreants who have a knack for creative output. We would love to share our wacky ideas with any and all who will listen. We are a certified Sole Proprietorship.

If you are looking for a comic publisher that specializes in music production and music comics, call Soft Comics in San Jose, CA, to learn more about what we do.

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